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Welcome to CCTV Alarm Systems, we specialise in home security, smart home, wireless alarms, ip cameras which our linked and controlled using an app on your iPhone or Androids.

You can keep a close eye your property, pet, child is safe within a couple clicks. With the Smart home kit you can turn on lights, plugs view cameras and even chat.We provide of the shelf the shelf kits which are easy to install and set up. We can supply all your home HD security needs so if you don't see it online please contact us.

We have selected top of the range products that will keep you peace at mind that your property has a visible deterrent to burglars and staff offering HD protection. You will be able to view where ever you have the cameras set up from anywhere in the world in crystal vision, perfect clarity and no distortion. The cameras will automatically record and send you a message to tell there is movement at the property. You can open the app from anywhere in the world.

We have made it simple to understand what you buying on the site as you buying only the very best systems. We have chosen the best decoder, the best cameras and lenses for the HD, IP and Wireless ranges on the site All are cameras are verivocal which means you can zoom with the lens through the app apart from Wireless which our fixed lenses. Our equipment Is the newest and best technology out there. Buy with confidence today.


About us

Feel safe and secure with CCTV Alarm Systems HD CCTVkits. Whether you are looking for your home or for yourbusiness,we have right systems at the right price so that you can help protect your belongings and your loved ones.

Our State of the art surveillance systems are available in forevery type of house, apartment, business, or large warehouse.No maffer where you need an extra set eyes, we can help you select the best opffon

CCTV Camera Kits

Many business owners have felt the benefits and need of having CCTV set up on their premises. By recording everything that happens from monitoring your workers to keeping employees safe, you can easily keep a track of what is going on while you’re there or record it for review later. While there have been many advancements in security and monitoring systems, none have been as exciting as crystal clear images from HD CCTV kits. It is used to be a struggle most of the time to identify people that had been recorded, items that might have been taken, or even which employee is being seen in areas that were being recorded. With high definition, you are able to get a clear image and no longer have to put up with a fuzzy picture that makes it difficult to get the information that you need. All of the images that are produced by the latest technology have very high details which means that you will easily be able to see who the people are, what they are doing, and correctly identify individuals by their faces. Even the sight of new CCTV kits can act as a theft deterrent itself.

One of the essential places that people want to feel safe is at their home. Having a professional do a CCTV alarm systems installation or by using one of our easy to use CCTV camera kits can help protect the things that you value most in life. Imagine being able to check up on your nanny while she watches your children or being able to have a pair of eyes at home while you are away on holiday. The peace of mind that home security cameras can provide is something that is difficult to measure. Setting up a proper home security camera or CCTV system in your home or business is something that you want to research first and not just buy the first system that you see.

There are many options and many different types of cameras and installations that you need to consider before purchasing. Investing in a quality CCTV kits can save you money over the long term but it can also mean the difference between recording an incident and not having footage good enough to hand it over to the authorities. Start with identifying exactly what you need the camera for and the system to do. Is it to watch a particular area or is it a total system? Where the cameras are to be located, do you want them to be able to be detected so that they act as a deterrent or is it something that you want to have hidden so it cannot be observed? There are certain areas more important than others as far as recording information but would it still be beneficial to have another type of camera set up to catch additional angles? Knowing what is important to cover by the CCTV will not only help you make a selection faster but it will also help make certain that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Many individuals when they first get a security system purchase the most expensive that they can find because they think that it will give them the best protection. The truth is, not every camera will work for every situation and as CCTV professionals, we want you to get the best value for your money. With the large variety of cameras and camera sizes, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the different types available so that you can find the best CCTV cameras that meet your needs. Listed below are the most common camera types:

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Important in areas where discretion is important, these small surveillance cameras are cylindrical in shape. These work well in small shops, rooms, and spaces where there is no need to do a whole overview of the staff in a large area.

Dome Security Cameras

Often what people first think of when they think security and CCTV systems, this device will help protect the camera from vandalism and also make it difficult to figure out exactly where the camera itself is being pointed which provides a high degree of security.

IR Night/Day CCTV Camera

The most effective for a visual deterrent, these cameras are used to provide a clear image no matter what time of the day or night, no matter what the lighting conditions are. Switching from colour to infrared viewing at night, they can easily look over large spaces. Not only are the cameras themselves important, it is also important to consider the hardware when going to install the system. Below is a small list of items you need to consider:

Lens Type Cameras

Since the lens is what gathers the data for the system, everything it sees will get recorded. What type of lens will determine the difference between whether a person’s face is recognisable or if you can read certain identifying numbers on vehicles? The zoom lens is something that you should look for as well. • Sensor type and Size - Different sensor types produce different quality of images and have varying effects on batteries. It is important that you discuss your needs with one of our professionals. The sensor size is another important factor as the larger the sensor the more light it can process. • Output resolution - Having enough resolution to get the best image possible is important as well, so that it can clearly display the image that the camera produces. What camera and hardware you will need depends on what goals you have for your new CCTV system. Find what is best for you by identifying exactly what needs you have for the system. At CCTV Alarm Systems, we can help you feel more secure and safe.


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